PTC scams in my (not so) long travels

I’ve registered in some PTC sites that turned out to be scams.
These are sites that either refuse to pay their members or just disappear overnight.
One good giveaway that a PTC site is a scam is a high amount per plick, low price per 1000 ads (if they charge $2 for 100 ads, how much can they give you? at most $0.02 per click, If you count ref clicks and profit, then something is missing, right?); the absence of a forum is the first BIG clue.
I can’t remember the first ones I had to abandon, but here go the most recent ones:
– Euroclickers at the address
This one was asking for it! no proper URL or anything. Too bad, because I got 3 refs on it.

– – Just read on a forum that they’re not paying. I’ve requested a $5 cashout in the 25th May and still waiting (16th June), when their TOS states that payment is processed in 10 business days.

– GoodBux – This PTC scam list states that it’s owned by the same guy that owns 5buxs and in this forum we can find a nice discussion about goodbux not paying and fabricating stats.

– Eurovisits – It’s in euros! cashout at €12.95… €0.015 per click… lots of ads per day…. but they don’t pay. All earnings must go into advertising. I think that’s how I got my 3 refs for 5buxs! 😉

– DonkeyMails, No-minimum Do not reply to the email that say that you have won $400. It is a phishing email trying to get your info and money. Unfortunately, I fell for this one! 😦 a waste of $8 plus $30 that I had to “upload” to an e-gold account. I got it back on an on-line casino, but that was luck.

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