IDL syntax highlighting in Notepad++

I’ve been using notepad++ for about a year and I just love it.
I use it mainly to write my LaTeX files, but also for any programming language I need and standard text, such as .txt and .nfo.
It has syntax highlighting (excellent for programming), tabs to keep every open document easily accessible, double panel, support for plugins, etc, etc, etc
I use the explorer and spell-checker plugins and they work just as you’d expect! Great!
But there was one thing missing: syntax highlighting for the IDL programming language. I looked around google a bit and found it nowhere. So, I used another great feature on notepad++, custom syntax! After an hour of typing in all IDL functions and procedures, I’ve arrived at what I think isn’t a very bad scheme.
Then I wanted to know where it stored this info and I found it in the file C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Notepad++\userDefineLang.xml
You can get it  from: userDefineLang.xml (link updated – 2/11/2011)

EDIT (4-sep-2012) sorry for taking so long to update this. Thanks to Spencer, here’s the link to the notepad++  wiki where this file is:

EDIT (15-Sep-2015) It seems notepad++ has made importing the XML file a bit easier. Just download the file above to wherever and then:

  • Language Menu -> Define your language…
  • Click the “Import…” button
  • Navigate to where you saved the file and select it.
  • Restart notepad++ and your user defined language should be ready to be used.

Please, let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it!

9 Respostas to “IDL syntax highlighting in Notepad++”

  1. Dave Higgins Says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve updated the file with a few tweaks to make colours/highlighting match IDL a little better. Get the file here:

    Thanks again

  2. dmcp Says:

    Oi Pocaracas

    olha por acaso será que podias fazer um post aqui do notepadplusplusIDL que o Dave pôs online há algum tempo?
    O link que ele pôs no já não funciona, e isto dá mesmo muito jeito.

    Já agora, obrigado pela tua versão que fizeste para o highlight do IDL.

  3. pocaracas Says:

    Sorry guys.
    Unfortunately, I’ve also lost Dave’s contribution 😦
    But I still have my version and I just re-uploaded it to megaupload.
    I’ll see if I can put it in that wiki Mike.

  4. Dave Higgins Says:

    Hi folks, I’ve put my file at this address:
    I haven’t added IDL 7 or IDL 8 new procedure names.
    I note the Sourceforge list already has an “IDL” file, the Interface Definition Language, but of course this is not the Interactive Data Language.

    • pocaracas Says:

      Thanks a million Dave! 🙂
      I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve supplied you version to that notepad++ wiki page. Judging from how fast they uploaded my version, I’d say yours should be there today.

  5. Spencer Says:

    For anybody running into issues with the MegaUpload seizure, pocaracas uploaded the file to the notepad++ wiki:

  6. difference between linux and windows - Page 3 Says:

    […]…x-highlighting…ng-in-notepad/ And for autocompletion as well, someone could contribute an XML file for that, but a custom API […]

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