Slight trouble in Xiaomi land

Just so I don’t forget, yesterday, I ran into a bit of trouble with my new xiaomi redmi 2 prime.

The screen.

Well, actually, the screen’s reported dpi (pixels per inch).

It’s causing certain apps to gauge the screen size incorrectly.

This phone has a 4.7″ screen with 720×1240 pixels – with 10.4×5.8cm (or 4.095×2.28inches), which should yield 302×315 dpi, ~ 306dpi.

Instead, CPU-Z is giving me 287dpi and translating that into a 5.11″ diagonal!

I suspect this is behind the one handed mode showing a 4.0″ version that smaller than the real 4.0″.

Here’s a comparison with my old LG L5 II:

Maybe I can sort this out by changing some configuration file somewhere… will take time…

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